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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

If you are a ROMANTIC BOOK lover then I have this very special book. This book is one of the best e - books in romantic books category. I am sure you'll really like this book. Here is the first sample chapter :--


Hi Friends,
I was sitting and thinking what to write for the 7 billion people in this world and in this effort I came through this book, which I think I have written for everyone. But you’ll ask me why your books title is “MY SHYVANI” and you’ll also ask me that who is Shivani?
Shyvani is nobody; even there is no existence of her in reality. But after you will read this whole book you’ll come to feel the existence of Shivani.
So now let’s begin with the stories, but before I begin these stories I’ll tell you why I have written them and what would be the reason and logic behind them.
When every morning I wake up I have a question in my mind that what am I going to do some of my plans are predefined like I will brush, take a bath, and go to my work or if it’s Sunday I’ll wash my clothes or do some other work. But some of the incidents which are going to happen in future are not predefined like I should have miss the last bus to my shop, or I should have met with an accident. So whole day we do the tasks, some of them are predefined and others go according to the circumstances.
Now the other thing works is our thinking, our thinking is live like a match commentary, we also think according to the circumstances and according to our well being e.g. if I am passing through a road then my mind will think or tell me to be aware every time with the traffic. Our whole day passes with or around these 1. Our thinking 2. Circumstances 3. Our surroundings 4. Our memory 5. Our mindset. And 6. Demographics. These four things are quite necessary to decide our fate or destiny not for a long term but for a particular day. If I say I don’t know how to brush or there is nothing in my minds memory about brushing my teeth then I can’t brush which is my routine work and if I don’t know how to pass the road which is according to the traffic (Circumstances) which means my mind is not programmed to pass a road then I can’t pass a road.
Now let me tell you that I have a 6th sense, you’ll ask me what is 6th sense?
My answer will be very straight: -- I can see my happenings in future, you can say in 4 or 5 days in advance, but because it hasn’t happened to me yet I can’t remember it or I can’t say what is going to happen to me after 4 or 5 days but when that incidence happens to me I conclude that – “Wait a minute! I have seen it before!” and sometimes I can totally recall those incidence which is what happening in my stories. I don’t know whether It’s going to happen to me or whether it’s my past life regression but I am quite sure about this that these incidents are either going to happen to me or had already happened.
I have explained all this to tell you that I am not a liar and you should or could also be my Shyvani.
This is my first story which I have written for her:--
It is the story of winter season may be December or January. A very cold and soothing air was flowing through all the way. The song of birds singing was making the weather more and more pleasant. I was laying in my bed very late because it was Sunday and I had not to go to school. Suddenly a phone ringed loudly and I just jumped out of my bed. I hold the receiver and say – “hello!” in a very lazy voice, suddenly my ears melted with a pleasuring voice of her, she just shouted on me and said – “Have you looked the watch?” Hearing her loud and pleasuring voice I just came out of my sleep and looked at the watch – “Oh my God! It’s almost 10: 00 O’clock.” Then she said – “Yes my Dear! Its 10: 00 O’clock and what are you doing?” I just fumbled and said – “Ah! Nothing dear I have just come out of bed and now I am going to have some breakfast” She said – “Ok my dear! Have a breakfast but before I am requesting you to look at the calendar” After listening to her request I looked at the calendar and just shocked, it was her birthday today and look at me! I even haven’t wished her. Then I said to her – “Oh I am so sorry dear!” “I was aware about the date.” Then she take a deep breath and said – “Ok I can understand that, I am just a no body for you, and you even don’t care about me” I apologized to her – “Sorry dear! And why are you saying you are a no body perhaps only you are the one about whom I think every time when I take a breath, you are everything for me dear, and I even can’t think of living in this world without you.” And then I thought I had told enough to her and stopped, then I hear a little laugh from my earpiece and felt relived. I said – “A very very happy birthday to you my dear!” “Wait a minute I have written a song for you” Then I sang a song which was:--
Never, never stay apart my dear,
You’ll never never know why am having this fear,
The fear to touch you, the fear to feel you,
The fear to heal you from my touch my dear,
The fear which I am having in my heart my dear,

So just never never stay apart my dear,

I can sing a song for you, my dear,
But I don’t want to feel the pain, to hear,
To hear the feeling, again the healing,
Healing, healing from this voice my dear,

So never never stay apart ………………..

I can let you walk on the grass of my breath,
I can let you touch the heart of my wrath,
But I don’t want to hurt you, don’t want to go through,
Go through go through with this wrath my dear

Never never stay apart my dear………………

When I completed this song I hear a little crying voice from her side saying: --- “That’s Ok! But what are you going to give me as my gift?” I asked – “Ok what would you like to have as your gift?” Then she said with a smiling voice – “You can give me anything which you think I worth to have as my birthday gift.” Then she said good bye and I put the receiver back. Then my worry about the gift began.

As you all know I was not that old and was a little bit lazy boy I thought how to have money to buy a nice gift for my cutest dear. I thought to work somewhere to earn money but in that case whole day will pass and I won’t get the time to meet with my dear Shyvani. Then I thought why not to ask for some money from mom, I’ll say that I need it for my exam fees, but wait a minute I had already taken 100/- Rs for my half yearly exams and my final exams were after 3 or 4 months, my mom would know that I am lying, didn’t matter I’ll ask dad to give me 150/- Rs. For my school project. I went with an innocent face in front of father and said – “Father!” He shouted – “What?” I felt little scary and said – “Father, I have to make a project” my father said – “Then what are you waiting for, go and make the project.” I said – “But there is a little problem father” He said – “Now what?” I replied – “I need a little bit of things and for those things I need a little bit of money” My father asked – “How much?” I replied – “only 150/- Rs.” He said – “OK take it from my purse and don’t ask for any money for next 1 month” I replied – “Ok father” I took out my father’s purse from his pocket by standing on a bench, ( What! I am a little boy I need a bench for reaching to the purse) Then a little thought came into my mind – “Why not take 200/- instead of 150/-” but it vanishes when last time I have done this and listened a great great lecture from my father which was:--

You know when I was of your age – “I went to the grass land with my buffalos and had a stick to ride those buffalos. After grazing the buffalos in the grass field I came back to my home which was made of mud and grass. Sometimes water dropped in between our home from the hole because our home was made of mud and grass; I even didn’t able to sleep properly because of that droplet which falls directly into my face. After grazing the buffalos I went to my school which I had to reach by passing a river, generally I pass the river with a boat but if there is no boat then I had to pass it by swimming, I can’t came back saying the there is no boat because my father was very strict. Then I walk almost 5 miles to reach the school, and if I am late the teacher beat me with a thick stick.”
“I ran away from home when I was a little bit older then you. I worked at a person’s home and also completed my schooling during that period. I had to work very hard to give the school fees and to earn my bread. After all the people of the family where I worked completed their lunch they give me what left in those utensils.”

“So my dear this way I come to became your father and it was a very hard life.”

I had become accustomed to that story and I thought maximum incidents which my father told me was false, I could remember all my father’s story more than my history or geography lessons. Anyway I had taken 150/- Rs. From my father’s purse and took out my little bicycle and went for a hunt to buy a nice and beautiful gift for my dearest dear.  But just because this story is not a typical Hindi films story that’s ending is always a happy ending there are many conundrums in this story. As I took away my bicycle and went out I hit with a person, it was not a very hard hit but I got a little scratch on my left knee, I didn’t bother about it because I was in hurry.

After riding my bicycle for some time I reached at a gift corner. There were many heavy gifts like big teddy bear and a very very big greeting card was placed in a showcase. I tried not to look at them because the prices were high. Without staring at those precious gifts I just ran into the gift corner hoping that I should get a nice gift with those 150/- Rs. When I looked around the gift corner I felt amazed because it was very big and there were lots of expensive and nice gifts placed very beautifully everywhere. Sawing me the shopkeeper asked – “Hey little boy! Tell me whether you need a gift or something?” I replied in a calm voice – “Ya! I want a gift for my sweetheart, but it should not be very expensive” He was little amazed by listening word ‘sweetheart’ from me (What? I was a grown up child; can’t you expect this kind of word from me?) He asked – “Ok! Just look at your left, those gifts are not very expensive, you can choose something from them. ” I looked curiously at my left; those were some of the cutest gifts in this world, but what! Prices were still higher than 150/-, Then I looked very carefully on them to see any gift under 150/- There was a nice looking Barbie doll, her cute smile reminds me the smile of my sweetheart Shyvani but who cares price was 400/-, I tried not to stare her again because I thought she was smiling at me just like a Mona Lisa painting and saying – “You poor guy! Can’t you take me? I think I am the most beautiful gift for your sweetheart.” I suddenly went three steps forward and started looking for a cheap gift for my sweetheart. Then I saw a teddy bear, a very cute looking teddy bear not as big as in the showcase but wait a minute! I am not dreaming, I can’t buy this teddy because price tag – 300/- No! No! No! Still not working, am I a stupid or something? I even can’t choose a little gift for my dear whose price must be not higher than 150/- Rs. A very simple task which I can’ do? (And believe me this was only the beginning) The teddy bear was very cute just a little super toy from the film ‘Artificial Intelligence’ but I thought its better that this toy has not an AI otherwise he will started shouting on me and blame me for not loving my dear truly. Then I saw a big cute looking heart, there was a button on the heart, and when I pushed it say’s – “DARLING I LOVE YOU!” I thought this would be a nice gift (even not bigger than my heart but) for my dear. As there was not a price tag on that I asked the shopkeeper – “What’s the price of this heart?” He replied – “200/- Rs my dear!” I thought if I could have taken 200/- Rs. From my father’s purse then I should have buy that one. Doesn’t matter I then roughly look at other gifts, finally I saw a flower bookie that’s price was 150/- Rs. But what? You all know this is not a typical Hindi film, so the things happened as they would and I came to know that somebody had picked my pocket in which I had my 150/- Rs. I came out of the gift corner slowly and when the shopkeeper saw me he asked – “What? Didn’t you like any gift?” I replied – “I have forgotten my purse at home, I’ll come back and buy something” “OK” Said the shopkeeper.

So finally I was in this worst case scenario and there was nobody who could help me out. I thought why not to work somewhere to earn a little bit but suddenly I felt a hard pain in my knee and when I saw it was bleeding. I went back to my home and got a first aid, and when I was going back to meet my dear bare hands suddenly my mom came in front of me and asked me to buy some groceries from market and gave me bag. I was in hurry; I took out my bicycle and ran to the market. I buy all the groceries without checking them properly in the list (I knew it’s going to be a hard day for me) and went back to my home. I gave the bag and the remaining amount to my mom and ran back to meet my dear. My mom kept shouting on me saying – “What have you bought?” “I didn’t write those things in my list.” I didn’t listen to my mom and went out.

As I have a wound on my knee I was riding the bicycle slowly. When I was passing through I saw a garden and thought – “Why not I give a beautiful flower to my sweetheart?” But it was written on a board – “PICKING FLOWERS IS PROHIBITED” I didn’t care about the warning and slowly went near the garden a picked a beautiful rose from the garden but just because that was not my good day the gardener saw me and ran towards me with a thick stick shouting – “You! Don’t you see the warning! Come here!” He at an instance threw the big stick towards me and I ran quickly, but that stick hit on my head. (Ok now enough is enough, why are you writing all those things? Are you here to insult me?, Oh! I am sorry) I got a big wound on my head but as I had to met with my dear I again took my bicycle and went to meet my sweetheart. In this whole incidence I also lost the beautiful rose and the good news is that I was going bare hands to meet my dear and didn’t know what would happen next.

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    I went to the garden where I and my sweetheart met occasionally. I was a little late, ok! I was very late and she was sitting on the chair wearing a very nice pink dress. She was just looking like that Barbie doll which I had seen in the gift corner. Her bright eyes were twinkling like the brightest starts in the night. Her hairs were kissing her cheeks when wind blows. There were nice dimples on her cheek (Just like Priety Zinta) even when she was angry. I went slowly near her and stand in front of her. She asked – “OK!” “Now you have got the time to meet me, and I am just a silly girl who was waiting from such a long time for you.” I replied gently – “You don’t know my dear, but today I have met with so many incidents which I can’t explain” (OK I know you, now you will make a very nice and innocent story, ok but its true this time, Ok I am not saying anything) She said – “Ya!” “And as always, I don’t mean much to you, after all I am a no body for you.” I said – “No my dear you are very precious for me, you don’t know how much you mean for me, and don’t use that ‘nobody’ word again.”

A little smile came on her face listening to my answer and I set near her. I felt her little heart beating and her breaths were enough to melt the ice of Arctic. Then she asked the most crucial and complicated question of the day – “So where is my gift?” “Ah” “Can you repeat?” “Because I didn’t listen.” “I said where is my gift?” she replied I tilt my head down and said very calmly – “My dear! I didn’t bring any gift.” “Ok!” “After so much of waiting and looking for you now finally you have come and now you are saying that you even can’t be able to bring a little gift for me.” “Is this what I was expecting from you when you were the last person who wished me my birthday at afternoon?” I replied very calmly – “As you can see my dear I am not a rich person, I wasn’t able to buy an expensive gift for you, but still I was……” She stopped in between and said – “Stop giving me excuses, I know all your innocent stories and excuses.” I replied – “I can explain it my dear!” “I went to the gift corner and I even looked for a nice gift for you but then I thought there is not any gift which I can give you.” “You are saying that in such a big gift corner you didn’t find a nice gift for me.” “Yes” “And I can explain it my dear.” “Look there were so many gifts which I thought I would buy for you”

·        There was a Barbie doll (hey it’s expensive, don’t care I am just giving an explanation) whose smile was like you, perhaps I thought she was saying to me “Take me my dear, just take away me” but when I see her carefully I could see that she can’t breathe like you my dear, I could see that her smile is not full of life like yours, she can’t talk like your voice which just melts into ears, Of course she can blink her eyes but not like you who can turn the world upside down in just a blink of your eyes.
·        I had also seen a teddy bear as cute as you but his cuteness was nothing compared to you my dear, I thought “how should I take an ugly wugly bear for you?”
·        I saw a big heart saying “DARLING I LOVE YOU” (I could do this for you myself) but I thought my love doesn’t need an explanation and why should I take that heart when I myself have a big big heart.

I know my dear that my heart is not beating well, I know that I have a headache but one thing I want to say is that I don’t want to leave you anyhow. Doesn’t matter whether you don’t belong to my world, it doesn’t matter whether you’ll be with me forever but one thing I know my dear is that I love you sooooooooooooooo much.

When the night is dark and silent,
And there is no one to talk with you,
Then don’t be scared oh my dear!
Cause I’ll be there for you.

I’ll be there for you to serve and
I’ll be there for you to survive,
I’ll be there for every time,
If there’ll be any time left in my life.

When the days are hot and violent,
And wind will be blowing through,
Don’t be scared oh my dear,
Cause I’ll be there for you.

I’ll be there for you up to my last breathe,
You should hold my arms,
Because you have to succeed,
Succeed from this sinful world,
Whether all my works will with held,
But don’t you scare oh my dear,
Cause I’ll be there for you.

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